What is a Live Software Platform?

So What is a Live Software Platform About

I have visited a lot of web sites critiquing Live Casinos. It never ceases to amaze me how many write about Live Games and go on to say how unique they are at a particular casino. But let me educate you a bit about the harmonious interrelationship between the live games, platform and casino. You might be playing “at” a particular casino but it is the software company such as Vuetec and VIG that you are playing “with”. It is the platform that streams the live games “threw” the casino. And not just one casino but many… at the same time. It takes just a few seconds to click onto a casino and then straight to your favorite live game like Roulette or BlackJack. It is there at the Live Games where you will be spend 99% of your time logged into the casino’s website of your choice. So most of your time is spent enjoying the software provider’s “studio web cam stream” or in the case of Vuetec, the brick and mortar “casino web cam stream”. Change casinos and if they are using the same live software platform you will be viewing the same screen as you were before the switch. The same croupiers will greet you. The biggest change will be a different username and casino balance.

How fast do they payout?

I am not saying the casino where you log in to is not important. You and I know that it is very important. How quickly you will receive your winnings and payout is up to the Live Casino. But not only do we need think about the security of an honest and timely payout, we need to know what quality, type and experience we will have during 99% of our play time. So I urge you to spend some moments reviewing the entire panorama of intertwining platforms and casino operations. Once you know which software platform you are want to try, you then can look at the casinos which offer it. Or if you know which casino you might want to play at, you might also want to know how the software package stacks up against all the other live game platforms.

There are a lot of differences in software platform providers. Some of the questions that need to be asked are:

  • Do they offer the game you are looking for?Do they have a chat and mic function to joust with the croupiers?
  • Are the croupiers formal or relaxed?
  • Do they let you try out the games before deciding to deposit?
  • Are they streamed from a studio or a real casino?
  • Do I need to wait for a BlackJack table or is it Early-Payout based?
  • How are the camera views laid out?
  • Is the software provider reputable or are they only selling naked dealers? (lol)


So Then… What does a Live Casino Offer

Well we have already mentioned the Casino Account and you might already know what you are looking for in a good casino but let me spell it out to clear up any ambiguities you might have. If you do select a software company because they have what you are wanting, you will be selecting a casino taht offers this platform. Your selection will be based on the following criteria:

Do they offer a bonus… which and how much?
What Deposit Methods do they offer?
How long have they been in operation?
What are their wagering limits?
Are they USA friendly?
What languages do they support?
Do they have a casino account in my currency?

But let’s not focus on the casino right now. Check out what we have to say about the platforms outlined below first. There are plenty of other pages here pointing to the Best Live Casinos.